Welcome to Taro Valley

A still unspoilt land, situated at a crossroads between the elegant city of Parma, city of art and history, famous for Parmesan cheese, the Ligurian Sea with the wonderful CinqueTerre, World Heritage, and the wilder Tuscany.
This land allows you to experience great emotions and a sense of freedom, thanks to its simple natural beauties: the Taro river and its tributaries, forests of beeches, oaks and chestnuts, gentle hills, the infinite starry sky.


Surrounding area


As well as experiencing nature, you can visit charming villages and typical historical towns, such as nearby Compiano, with its Medieval Castle.
We suggest to visit the beautiful natural reserve "Oasi dei Ghirardi", near Casa Boniceto, for relaxing excursions or mountain bike tours. There are organized also guided tours to discover local flora and fauna (www.oasighirardi.org).

You can decide to take part of one or more of the many guided excursions organized by the local association Trekking Taro Ceno (www.trekkingtaroceno.it).  Each season offers its richness, from Spring-flowerings to Summer with its yellow fields and fresh waters, to Autumn with its warm colours and the famous local mushrooms, to the white Winter and the Carnival.

Places and traditions to discover … nearby


Cinque Terre, World Heritage, and its small colourful seaside villages, Parma and its Duomo and historical centre, Luni, ancient roman amphitheatre; Carrara and the marble quarries so loved by Michelangelo, Pisa and its leaning tower; Pontremoli, medieval town, Bardi and its Majestic Fortress, Genoa and its historical alleys (carruggi),the Giuseppe Verdi Museum and Salsomaggiore’s historical Terme.

About local traditions you can’t miss the gastronomy: the exquisite Parmisan cheese, the Crudo ham, the savoury Anolini (stuffed fresh pasta), the sweet Spongata. Besides, from the near Liguria, Tuscany and Piacenza come very good wines.